Safety Tips & Resources

Safety is one of TID’s core values as we work to deliver water and power to customers.

We hope you’ll use the links below to gain information on working safely with water and electricity, as well as creating and using an emergency plan for your family.

Man's hand is plugging an electrical plug into an extension cord socket.

Electrical Safety

With safety being a core value of TID, we want to provide you with basic safety information in case you find yourself dealing with an electrical emergency.

Irrigation canal drop with water flowing and sunset off in the distance.

Irrigation Safety

For the safety of all, TID does not allow any swimming, fishing, playing, or other recreational activities in or around our canals.

Walking bridge over irrigation canal with Warning sign that reads "swimming, diving unsafe."

Water Safety

Water is an important resource that has many uses and can be found in many places. It also carries with it some dangers.

Thermometer well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat Safety

Heat-related deaths and illnesses are preventable. Despite this, people are killed by extreme heat every year.

Linemen digging hole for pole.

Digging Safety

Before you dig, take a moment to be safe.