Digging Safety

Before you dig, take a moment to be safe.

Whether you’re doing the digging or you’ve hired a professional contractor to do it for you, make sure you’re not digging on top of underground utilities. Call Underground Service Alert North 811 (USA) a minimum of two business days before beginning to dig to request a utility location before each job. This is a free service. The notification is required by law and is valid for 28 days so, if your project exceeds the timeframe, notify USA North 811 again.

It’s important to remember that underground utilities such as gas, water, sewer, communications and TID facilities are not always located in the street. Some may be in backyard easements. Accidentally damaging an underground utility line can cause power outages, service interruptions, injuries or even death.

More Info

For additional information about 811 or to make an online request, go to the Underground Service Alert North Website.