Power Mix

Your Trusted Community-Owned Electric Power Provider 

TID is proud to be a trusted partner to the 240,000 customers living within our 662-square mile service territory. Because TID is a public power provider based on local decision-making, our customers have the benefit of knowing their power needs will be met regardless of the varying external factors facing our state. TID continues to be reliable, resilient and customer focused. 

TID continues to stay on track to reach its carbon free goals, even during these times of climate volatility. Wildfires can impede on solar generation. Energy provided by wind is not guaranteed. Drought impacts the efficiency of hydroelectric power sources.

Although the severe drought reduces the District’s generation capacity of its hydroelectric facilities, TID, as an irrigation district, is still able to generate clean energy from the water that is delivered to growers through its small and large hydroelectric power sources. TID will continue to be resourceful in the generation and procurement of carbon-free and renewable energy. 

TID relies on a diverse mix of power sources to provide reliable, affordable energy to its customers. TID’s power mix includes solar, wind, natural gas, hydropower, and a variety of other resources. 

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