Budget Billing

Know what your monthly bill will be, pay the same amount each month.

How it Works

The amount of TID electric bills can vary widely throughout the year and not knowing what to expect from month to month can challenge any household budget.  Imagine knowing what your bill was going to be, summer or winter.  Now you can with our Budget Billing Program.  With Budget Billing, we calculate your monthly budget payment by adding together averages based on usage information and days of service.   Periodically, typically in March and September, we will review and adjust your monthly Budget payment to ensure it is an accurate reflection of your usage.  Your monthly bill will continue to show actual energy consumption and current charges, but you’ll only pay your monthly budget amount.  To qualify for the Budget Billing Program, in addition to meeting TID’s credit requirements, your account must be on a residential electric rate.

What you’ll get

Understanding Your Monthly Statement

Once enrolled in Budget Billing, your monthly bill will show the following:

Total Amount Billed – Your current bill amount based on your current month’s usage or what you would pay if you weren’t enrolled in Budget Billing.

Budget Billing Amount Due – The current budget amount due.

Actual Balance – The cumulative balance on your account reflecting the difference between your actual bill amounts and what you’ve been paying as your monthly budget amount. Over the course of a year, your Actual Balance will fluctuate, depending upon the season. If you are removed from the Budget Billing Program, the Actual Balance will become due.

Please refer to the How To Read Your Bill page, and for additional questions contact our Customer Service Department at (209) 883-8222.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is budget billing calculated?

Your Budget Billing amount is based on the average of your utility bills from the previous 12 months. We will continue to read your meter each month, and your monthly bill will show exactly how much you’re using.

Will my monthly budget amount change?

 In March and September, we will review and adjust your monthly budget amount to ensure it is an accurate reflection of your usage. Your monthly budget amount may increase or decrease depending upon your usage over the past 12 months. You will receive notification on your March and September statements, indicating any changes to your monthly budget amount.

Additionally, if your actual usage significantly increases or decreases at any point, we may review and adjust your monthly budget amount at that time.