Community Sponsorship Program

We’re proud to be an integral part of the communities we serve. We’re committed to being a community leader working for betterment of the region.

While our sponsorship budget is limited, each year we gladly sponsor numerous events that benefit our communities. Therefore, we’ve developed the an easy-to-complete request form for interested organizations to submit their requests in writing. Once we receive your submission, we’ll objectively analyze which organizations receive sponsorships, and at what amounts. We analyze each sponsorship request based on the “TID Sponsorship Guidelines” listed below, as well evaluating the request’s relevance to our mission and goals.

TID Sponsorship Guidelines

  • The event or giving campaign should directly, locally and efficiently promote at least one of the following areas:
    • Agriculture
    • Water Stewardship
    • Water or Power Industry-Related Education (Agriculture, Engineering, Energy, etc.)
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Renewable Resources
    • Water and/or Electrical Safety
  • The request form must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the petitioner’s need for sponsorship funds, or the event date.
  • The request form must be completed in full. Missing information may delay or deny your request.
  • Sponsorship is not granted to individuals or political or religious organizations.
  • In return for sponsorship, TID will receive some form of promotion that will advance its mission and/or goals, including but not limited to TID educational advertising or signage including the TID logo that will be seen by TID customers, or the opportunity to distribute TID educational material.
  • TID shall not sponsor an individual school, club or organization that might compromise TID’s ability to fairly or equitably sponsor any of the other communities which it serves.
  • Past TID sponsorship does not guarantee future TID sponsorship. No recurring precedent is set when TID sponsors an event.

Sponsorship Request Instructions

Please read the guidelines stated above prior to completing the form. If your event or campaign has collateral material such as flyers, posters or sponsorship packages, please have them available in electronic format prior to beginning the application process as you will be asked to submit them as samples. (File types accepted are; JPG, PNG, TIF, TIFF or PDF files only)

Should you have any questions regarding how to complete the form, please call (209) 883-8448 or (209) 883-8539. You can also e-mail If selected for sponsorship, your organization will be contacted by a member of TID’s Communications staff.

Sponsorship Request Form

You may also submit your application via mail or, by delivering a copy and supporting documents to any TID Customer Service location or, mail to:

Turlock Irrigation District
Communications Division
Community Sponsorship Program

333 E. Canal Dr.
PO Box 949
Turlock, CA 95381-0949