Almond Power Plant

Almond Power Plant is a combined cycle plant capable of generating 48 megawatts of electricity. This plant came online in 1995.

Almond 2 Power Plant (A2PP)
The Almond 2 Power Plant (A2PP) expansion embodies the type of innovation and progressive-thinking that Turlock Irrigation District has been known for since 1887. Operating since 2012, A2PP provides a bevy of benefits for TID and its customers. Among them are:

An additional 174 megawatts of internal generation to help further the reliability of power and ensure TID keeps pace with future growth. It also assists TID in meeting reliability obligations as a Balancing Authority, and will improve the economy, efficiency, and flexibility of TID’s electrical system.

The plant’s state-of-the-art, quick start, simple cycle, natural gas turbines can achieve full output in as little as 10 minutes, which is vital when energy sources, including mandated renewable power plants, generate less due to weather or other conditions. It is also beneficial on high demand days when TID can quickly engage A2PP as a peaking power generation facility.

A2PP uses state-of-the-art, efficient gas turbine technology fueled from clean-burning natural gas, to minimize the formation of pollutants. A2PP’s modern design requires little water recycled water from the City of Ceres Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The California Energy Commission approved the plant’s construction in the December 2010. The plant, located next to TID’s existing Almond Power Plant, is utilizing the first three commercially available General Electric LM6000PG gas turbines.