Water Safety

Water is an important resource that has many uses and can be found in many places. It also carries with it some dangers. With its importance and presence in our community we want to ensure that our community members are aware of the dangers and take the necessary steps to be safe.

Swim for Free with TID

Each summer, TID partners with local community pools so your family can have a safe, supervised place to beat the heat this summer. TID will sponsor the entry fee of swimmers, of all ages, at participating pools during specific “Swim for Free with TID” dates and times.

Dexter’s Safety Tips:

  • Learn to swim.
  • Never swim alone. Always have someone with you when you are swimming.
  • Children should always swim with an adult.
  • Swim and play in safe places or designated areas only.
  • Stay away from canals. Canals are not safe places for anyone to play around or swim in – big or small, young or old!
  • Owners of dogs or other pets should be cautious of what their pet is ingesting while near canals. The District periodically spreads potentially poisonous rodent bait to control squirrel burrowing.
  • When at lakes or reservoirs – follow rules set up by the authorities.
  • Always wear a life vest while boating or on the lake or out on the ocean. Obey all hazard signs – they are there to save lives.
  • Look before you leap or dive – and only leap and dive where it is allowed and safe.
  • Know your limits – how good a swimmer you are, the place you are swimming, where you can and can’t go, how far you can swim, etc.
  • Don’t mix alcohol consumption with recreation.
  • The water may look still but there are strong currents beneath.
  • Fish at designated sites only.