Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

The purpose of hazard mitigation planning is to identify policies, actions, and strategies that will help to reduce risk and prevent future losses from natural disasters. By adopting an LHMP, TID is taking a proactive approach to reduce the impacts of natural disasters before they occur.

It’s not possible to predict every disaster scenario or protect TID and our customers from the impacts of every natural hazard. But there are steps we can take to help avoid or minimize the harm they can cause.

TID has drafted a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan which identifies specific actions to reduce loss of life and property damage resulting from the most common hazards we face: dam failure, earthquake, extreme weather impacts, flooding, landslide, public health emergencies and wildland fire.

TID invites all interested members of the public to view and comment on the plan. Let us know if there are naturally occurring hazards that should be included, any mitigation measures we should consider, or your thoughts on the ones already in the plan.

If you have questions about the plan, contact us at lhmp@tid.org or call 209-883-8359.