TID serves over 4,900 irrigation customers covering approximately 150,000 acres of farmland. TID owns and maintains more than 250 miles of canals and laterals. About 90 percent of the District's canals are concrete-lined to curb seepage and erosion.

The Irrigation Season

The 2017 Irrigation Season will begin on Thursday, March 30, 2017 and conclude on Wednesday, November 1, 2017. Customers may begin placing orders for irrigation water on Wednesday, March 29.

Irrigation Season Details-
  • TID will be utilizing the Normal Year Rate Schedule.
  • The amount of available water for each irrigated parcel is 48 inches per acre.
  • Additional replenishment water will be available for those parcels needing more than 48 inches of water. This water will be billed at the appropriate rate tier.
    • If you order more than 48 inches of water using the online irrigation ordering system, this additional water will reflect as a negative on your totals. This additional water will bill in the appropriate tier. 
  • All irrigated parcels are required to place water orders on each parcel and sidegate combination every time they are used to receive water from the District.
  • You must close sidegates when not irrigating. 
  • There will be a 6" maximum per irrigation to help prevent incorrect water orders.
  • Gardenhead parcels will be delivered irrigation water once every 2 weeks. The fixed water charge is $350 for each gardenhead parcel.
  • The first water order of the season for each parcel, must be placed through the TID Water Call Center at (209) 883-8456. Once this first order is placed with the call center, you can then utilize the online ordering system to request future orders. 
In an attempt to recharge the region's groundwater, we are strongly urging all growers to utilize their flood irrigation capabilities whenever possible. 

Please note that the online irrigation ordering system will not be available until the second week in April. To place orders, call the TID Water Call Center at (209) 883-8456.

Order Water Online

Order water, check your account and view your usage history.

The final day to order water is Sunday, October 29, 2017.

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TID Water Call Center

Open 7 days a week during the irrigation season from 7: 00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(209) 883-8456

On-Demand Irrigation

TID pioneered the concept of an on-demand water delivery system so farmers could avoid long waits between irrigations. With the exception of a small area in the Delhi area, all irrigation water is delivered via gravity through a system of canals and laterals between La Grange Dam on the Tuolumne River on the east and the San Joaquin River at the far western edge of the irrigation service area.

TID Irrigation Facts
  • Irrigation service area: 307 square miles
  • Irrigated acreage: 145,559 acres
  • Number of parcels: 7,500
  • Number of growers: 4,904
  • TID canals and laterals: 250 miles (90 percent concrete lined)
  • Irrigation service boundary: The Sierra foothills on the east, the San Joaquin River to the west, the Tuolumne River to the north, and the Merced River to the south.
  • Predominant crops: Alfalfa, almonds, beans, corn, grain, grapes, oats, peaches, sweet potatoes, and walnuts.

Water Rates

TID provides growers with irrigation water based on a fixed charge per acre plus water charges.

Irrigation Tips

TID has put together helpful tips for growers on reducing tailwater drainage and preventing high water tables and localized drainage problems.

Irrigation Rules

Learn about TID's rules for the Distribution and Use of Water, Improvement Districts, Pump Improvement Districts, and Subsurface Drainage Improvement Districts.

Irrigation Standards

A downloadable pdf of TID's Irrigation Construction & Engineering Design Standards to be utilized when constructing or modifying irrigation facilities.