• Lateral 8 Reservoir

    Because of our constant efforts to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, we are continually looking for innovative ways to improve efficiency and customer service. The lateral 8 reservoir project offers just that combination of efficiency and improved service to those at the lower end of our irrigation system.

  • Total Channel Control Pilot

    The Total Channel Control Pilot Project is a system of automated drops and gates which communicates with each other to better regulate and control the flow of water in the canal system. This system, when combined with the Lateral 8 Regulating Reservoir can dramatically reduce operational spills while at the same time, greatly improve customer […]

  • Almond 2 Power Plant

    The Almond 2 Power Plant, a natural gas fired plant capable of producing 174 megawatts of electricity, begins operation. Because Almond 2 features rapid start turbine technology, it can be up and running, supplying our customers with power in only 10 minutes.

  • Tuolumne Wind Project

    We purchased the Tuolumne Wind Project, a wind generation facility capable of producing 136.6 megawatts of clean, carbon-free and renewable power in Klickitat County, Washington.

  • Westley 230/115 kV project

    Construction of the Westley 230/115 kV substation and the double circuit 115 kV transmission line is completed.

  • Walnut Energy Center

    Walnut Energy Center, a natural gas-fired power plant comes online with a generating capacity of 250 megawatts and using recycled water from the City of Turlock.

  • TID Becomes Independent Control Area

    We became and independent control area in 2005 putting us in control of our energy future.

  • Westside Service Area

    TID purchases 225 square-mile electric service territory from PG&E and designates it the Westside Service Area.

  • Almond Power Plant

    Almond Power Plant, a natural gas-fired power plant, begins operation with a generating capacity of 48 megawatts.

  • Walnut Power Plant

    Walnut Power Plant, a natural gas-fired power plant, begins operation with a generating capacity of 49.9 megawatts.

  • The Geysers Steamfield

    We purchased an interest in a geothermal plant in Lake County California where renewable, clean and carbon free power is produced, adding to our portfolio of green power sources.

  • Small Hydroelectric Plants

    We began building the first of eight small scale hydroelectric generators on our canal system as well as surrounding irrigation district canals. Strategically located where water drops from sufficient heights to allow us to operate a generator, these small plants help us to meet California’s ever increasing requirement for renewable generation.

  • New Don Pedro Dam Completed

    New Don Pedro Dam and Powerhouse is completed and inundates the old dam under more than 200 feet of water when the reservoir is full. We own three of the four generators at the plant with the capacity to make enough clean, carbon-free electricity to power about 37,000 average homes.

  • New Don Pedro Dam

    We begin construction of New Don Pedro Dam and Powerhouse. With the capacity to store 2,030,000 acre feet of water and the ability to generate 203 megawatts of clean, carbon free electricity, New Don Pedro is nearly 8 times larger than the original and solidifies our ability to supply reliable and affordable water and power […]

  • La Grange Powerhouse

    A small power plant at the base of the La Grange Dam is built to supplement generation at the newly completed Don Pedro Dam.

  • Don Pedro Dam Complete

    On June 11, 1923, the reservoir behind the dam filled and water poured over the spillway for the first time. A dedication was held on June 25 and in honor of the occasion, all the stores in Turlock closed for the day.

  • The Original Don Pedro Dam

    In order to store enough water to match the timing of the growing season and to make it through consecutive dry years , construction begins on Don Pedro Dam and Powerhouse, a joint project with the Modesto Irrigation District.

  • The Raker Act

    The Raker Act is passed and signed into law by Woodrow Wilson allowing the development of a water storage project along the Tuolumne River inside Yosemite National Park. Although initially opposed to the project, TID eventually gains concessions that protect our water rights and removes opposition to the Hetch Hetchy Project.

  • Construction of Turlock Lake

    Recognizing the need to store water in order to provide a full growing season’s worth of irrigation, we began construction of Turlock Lake. This lake, which is actually part of the canal system,  has the capacity to store 38,000 AF of water and provides recreation including boating, picnicking and camping.

  • First Water Delivered

    Henry Stirring of Ceres becomes the first person in the Turlock Irrigation District to receive water from the new canal system. He uses the water to irrigate a piece of land for growing corn. The milestone creates quite a site and many people come from the surrounding area to see.

Walnut Power Plant, a natural gas-fired power plant, begins operation with a generating capacity of 49.9 megawatts.