An easement is a legal right to occupy or use another person’s land for specific purposes.

In order to promote the safe and reliable operation of District and Improvement District facilities, TID establishes easements around Irrigation and Electrical facilities. These easements and all District land rights are managed by the District’s Right of Way team.

Easements are required for any District or Improvement District pipeline, pump, access road, canal, or other irrigation facility, as well as electrical pole lines, either overhead or underground, and any associated equipment such as transformers or switchgear. 

These easements provide space for operation, maintenance, repair, and regulatory clearances, as well as safe access routes along District facilities, both overhead and underground. Easements may or may not be fenced, and it is the responsibility of the landowner to be aware of any such easements on their property before taking action that may impact District easements, such as construction, planting, or excavation. Easement widths are determined by the specific needs surrounding the District or Improvement District facility, and minimum widths are delineated in the most-current District Standards and Specifications. 

If you have any questions regarding District or Improvement District easements, please contact the District Right of Way team at (209) 883-8300.