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What makes the power go out?

November 28, 2023

Unplanned outages can occur at any time, and can be caused by weather elements like wind, rain, heat, ice, lightning, and snow. Vehicles colliding with power poles cause numerous outages in our electrical service territory each year. Untrimmed trees and their limbs also wreak havoc on power lines, especially overhead service lines leading from wood poles to individual homes and businesses. Animals and balloons have also been known to cause power outages by coming into contact with electrical equipment. Natural disasters like earthquakes, even if the epicenter is not in the region, can cause outages. Various types of digging or excavation, large or small, can disturb underground wires and conduit.

Planned outages are necessary when we work on certain projects to improve the strength and reliability of the electrical system. In the event of any planned outage, customers are notified in person or by way of door hangers at their service address multiple days prior to the planned outage.