Transmission Service

TID will provide transmission access to Eligible Customers pursuant to a bilateral agreement at a cost-based rate on a non-discriminatory basis.

An “Eligible Customer” is defined as any electric utility (including any power marketer), Federal power marketing agency, or any person generating electric energy for sale for resale.

TID’s transmission system is interconnected with:
1. The Pacific Gas & Electric Company and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) at the Westley Tap near the Westley Switchyard.
2. The City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) and the CAISO at the Oakdale Tap of CCSF’s Moccasin-Newark #3 and #4 115 kV lines.
3. The Western Area Power Administration, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, and the California-Oregon Transmission Project at Tracy Substation.

Contact Manjot Gill, Assistant General Manager, Electric Engineering and Operations at should you require such service.

Transmission service using TID’s share of the California-Oregon Transmission Project is also available through the Transmission Agency of Northern California.

TID does not currently have any Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Paths and therefore does not calculate ATC. Hence, NERC standards MOD-001-1a, MOD-004-1, MOD-008-1, MOD-28-1, MOD-029-1 and MOD-030-2 do not apply to TID. Should an ATC Path involving TID be established in the future, TID will comply with all applicable NERC standards related to the calculation of ATC