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Weatherization Program

Qualified customers can participate in our Weatherization Program at no cost. The Weatherization Program can reduce energy bills by making your home more energy efficient and lowering the amount of your TID bill while helping you keep warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.


We’ve contracted with organizations in our community to provide free services such as:

  • Electric Water Heater Replacement
  • Blanket for Your Electric Hot Water Heater
  • Outlet/Switch Gaskets
  • Exterior Door Weather Stripping
  • Ceiling Insulation
  • Minor Home Repair
  • Energy Efficient Refrigerator
  • Shade Screens
  • Water Heater Pipe Wrap
  • Caulking
  • LED Lights
  • Window Replacement
  • Window A/C Replacement
  • Wall A/C Replacement
  • Evaporative Cooler
  • Duct Seal


Weatherization improvements are free to income qualified applicants who own or rent their homes, apartments, or mobile homes and use electricity from TID. The service address shown on the application must be your primary residence. Renters qualify for weatherization, but the property owner must provide written permission to receive program services. TID CARES Program participants qualify for the TID Weatherization Program.

Please refer to the table below for Weatherization Program income qualification guidelines.

To qualify for the program, your household income must not exceed the following amounts:

TID Income Guidelines
Size of household 1 or 2 people 3 people 4 people more than 4
Yearly income $24,690 $31,170 $37,650 Add $6,480 for each additional household member
updated 01/18

Contact American Insulation at 209-216-1950 or toll free 888-334-6195 to schedule an appointment.

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Safety is one of our core values as we work to deliver water and power to customers. Our philosophy surrounding safety is not a motto, tagline or slogan; it’s a commitment to being vigilant and maintaining a safe environment for our employees, our customers and the general public.

To help you stay safe around electricity and water, we’ve put together some useful links and emergency preparedness information. Please take the time to review and share it with your family. Click here to learn more about safety

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