On some occasions, due to weather, vehicle accidents, or other forces, TID customers will experience an interruption in power. TID understands it is difficult to be without power and asks for patience while we work as fast as safely possible to restore power.

If TID is experiencing unplanned outages, outage information will likely be shown in a table at the bottom of this page. If you locate your outage below, there is a good chance TID crews are already en route, or they are already performing repairs.

Important notes: Outages will be updated periodically as time allows. Outages that have been restored will be removed from the table. Not every outage will be listed below. There may be instances where TID is resolving outages that do not appear below. In the event of widespread outages throughout the District, all outage locations may not be listed. Read this Disclaimer.

Please call TID's 24-hour service line at 883-8301 if you are without power longer than five minutes. It is recommended that, prior to calling, you cautiously locate your electrical service panel and check to see if the main circuit breaker has flipped to the “off” or “trip” position. If your power is not restored after you have reset the circuit breaker, call us at 883-8301.

For more information about outages, please take a look at TID's Outage FAQs page. Also, you may want to take a look at this Power Outage Safety document.