Natural Gas Power Plants

Almond 2 Power Plant (A2PP)

The Almond 2 Power Plant consists of three rapid start simple cycle gas turbine generators. This output assists TID in meeting reliability obligations as a Balancing Authority, and improves the economy, efficiency, and flexibility of the District's electrical system, including the integration of intermittent renewable resources.

Construction on A2PP was complete in March 2012, and the plant was fully operational the summer of 2012. The California Energy Commission (CEC) approved the construction of A2PP in December 2010.

The plant utilizes the first three commercial units of the new General Electric LM6000PG series gas turbines.

A2PP uses clean, efficient, and proven natural gas technology to generate electricity in a manner that will minimize the use of fuel, emissions of criteria pollutants, and potential effects on ambient air quality. The power plant uses treated effluent (i.e. recycled water) from the City of Ceres' Wastewater Treatment Plant for the project's process water needs.

Walnut Energy Center

The Walnut Energy Center (WEC) is an efficient, environmentally responsible source of economical and reliable energy serving the growing energy demands within the TID electrical service area. The Walnut Energy Center uses recycled water from the City of Turlock for the project's process water needs.

The 250MW Walnut Energy Center

Using natural gas for fuel, WEC is among the cleanest power generating facilities of comparable size in the nation. By utilizing the best available emissions control technology, its emissions are as much as 85 percent lower than those of older generating facilities currently operating in California.

Almond Power PlantWalnut Power Plant
Almond and Walnut Power Plants

Almond and Walnut power plants are both located within TID's service area.