TID's business customers can select from a variety of rebate programs to enhance the energy efficiency of their operations.

Custom Rebate

TID strives to address the unique needs of our customers and encourage them to develop and implement innovative, cost-effective, energy efficient technologies and processes.

Network PC Management Software Rebate

TID is offering a rebate of $10 per desktop computer to businesses that incorporate energy saving software that controls individual computers.

Commercial Lighting Rebate

The Commercial Lighting Rebate Program offers various rebates to businesses that install new energy efficient lighting fixtures, whether replacing existing non-efficient fixtures or new construction.

Residential New Construction Rebate

TID is offering rebates to homebuilders who incorporate energy efficiency measures into new residential construction.

Commercial Motors Rebate

TID offers rebates for premium efficiency motors, whether you purchase a new one or replace an existing motor.

Commercial Refrigeration Rebate

Replacing aging refrigeration equipment with energy efficient models can save your business money and energy. TID offers rebates for qualifying refrigeration equipment.

Dairy Design Assistance Program

TID will provide technical design assistance and education to support the design and construction of energy efficient facilities and process systems.

Advanced Power Strip Program

Advanced power strips can be a useful means of saving energy and they allow some devices to be automatically controlled based on whether a primary device is on or off.

Agricultural Irrigation Pump Rebate

TID is offering rebates for installed efficiency measures on agricultural irrigation pumps.


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