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Why is there an environmental charge?

November 27, 2023

The Environmental Charge (EC) was put into place at the request of customers to show the costs associated with environmental compliance. The costs included in the EC are primarily the costs for the Tuolumne Wind Project (TWP), along with costs related to greenhouse gas reduction (links to Climate Change under About TID-Environment). Compliance requirements are outlined in regulations resulting from SB107 (Renewable Portfolio Standard) which was approved in 2006 and in November 2008, Executive Order S-14-08 (signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ) requiring all retail sellers of electricity to serve 33% of their load with renewable generation by 2020. The 33% standard was ultimately codified when Governor Brown signed SB2(1x) into law on April 6, 2011. Also, Assembly Bill 32 (AB32) requiring a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, which was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2006.