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What is TID doing to prevent wildfires?

November 30, 2023

TID is taking proactive and precautionary measures to help reduce wildfire risks and help keep our customers and the communities we serve safe. While TID always practices sound, annual fire mitigation efforts, vegetation management crews have been especially busy in 2019 inspecting, maintaining and clearing large areas of vegetation under and near power lines in the foothills and in and around TID facilities.

In those areas of the District that are considered High Fire Risk areas, TID has instituted a non-reclosing strategy that prevents lines that have tripped off due to a fault on the line from reclosing and allowing the distribution of power until the line has been inspected and confirmed safe.  TID has also converted the majority of the equipment used in the identified high fire threat areas to equipment that will not have the potential to generate sparks while in use.

TID will soon be presenting a summary of our fire prevention efforts in the TID Fire Mitigation Plan which will be presented on our website in August.