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Have the possible health effects of radio frequency (RF) communications from SMART meters been assessed?

November 28, 2023

Similar to household appliances, SMART Meters emit electromagnetic fields (EMF). The bulk of scientific literature fails to conclude that exposure to these fields is a threat to human health. While some studies have suggested such a link, the vast majority of scientific literature indicates otherwise.

SMART Meters are designed to avoid interfering with home electronics. In the future, the meters may be able to help customers determine which electronics are consuming the most energy in their homes or businesses, giving them more control over their bills.

SMART Meters emit roughly one watt of radio frequency (RF). This is significantly less than the wattage emitted by cell phones or wireless computer routers. SMART Meters transmit radio signals once every four hours with each transmission lasting only 0.05 seconds.

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Comparison of RF Power Density in the Everyday Environment: Source: Richard Tell Associates, Inc.

SMART meter device at 10 feet: 0.01 microwatts
FM radio or TV broadcast signal: 0.0005 microwatts
Cyber café (Wi-Fi): 10-20 microwatts
Laptop Computer: 10-20 microwatts
Cell phone held to head: 30-10,000 microwatts
Walkie-talkie at head: 500-42,000 microwatts
Microwave oven, 2 inches from door: 5,000 microwatts