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Turlock Irrigation District
ENERGY RESOURCESPower Mix2016 CA Power Mix**
Eligible Renewable24%25%
Biomass & biowaste  0%2%
 Geothermal 3% 4%
 Eligible hydroelectric 2%2%
Solar 0%8%
Wind 19%9%
Coal  4%4%
Large Hydrolectric  21%10%
Natural Gas   30% 37%
Nuclear   0%9%
Other  0%0%
Unspecified sources of power*   21%15%
* “Unspecified sources of power” means electricity from transactions that are not traceable to specific generation sources.
** Percentages are estimated annually by the California Energy Commission based on the electricity sold to California consumers during the identified year.

For specific information about this electricity product, contact:

Turlock Irrigation District


For general information about the Power Content Label, contact the California Energy Commission at:

California Energy Commission



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