This Application for Interconnection shall be used to request interconnection of Customer-Generator electric generating facilities 1 MW or less or changes to existing approved interconnections (e.g. more photovoltaic panels added, inverter replaced etc.) to Turlock Irrigation District (TID).

Customer-Generators must not interconnect their Generating Facility with TID’s transmission or distribution facilities until they receive written authorization from TID. Unauthorized interconnections could result in injury to persons and/or damage to equipment and/or property for which the Customer-Generator may be liable.

Prior to receiving written authorization from TID, Customer-Generator must obtain local jurisdictional (local city or county building department) approval (building permit and/or signed inspection tag).

Applicant shall familiarize themselves with the requirements of the TID Electric Service Rules, especially the generating facility requirements specified in Electric Service Rule 23 A copy can be obtained by request in Customer Service or at TID’s website,

Application Package:

Drawings must conform to accepted engineering standards and must be legible; 11”x17” is preferred.

  1. A completed copy of this application.
  2. Site drawing to scale, showing generator location and point of interconnection with TID.
  3. Single Line Diagram, showing switches/disconnects of the proposed interconnection including the required protection devices and breakers, battery pack connection (if connected).
  4. Three Line Diagram, showing the proposed current transformers and potential transformers as they are connected to the relays and meters
  5. Description of operation and elementary drawings, showing the synchronization (if appropriate), and tripping of breakers by the required relays. (If not provided, they may be requested after approval of the single and three line diagrams.)
  6. List of relays, switches, disconnects, etc., and include the following information:
    1. Manufacturer’s name and model number, with each device listed.
    2. Range of available settings.
    3. Proposed settings.
    4. Ratio of associated current and potential transformers. If multi-ratio, state the available ratios and which one is proposed.
  7. CSI EPBB Calculator (
  8. Specifications for panels and inverter(s), internal wiring diagram for inverter if battery pack is connected.
  9. Specifications for battery pack, include following information:
    1. Manufacturer’s name and model.
    2. Battery pack capacity in KW and KWH.
    3. List of critical loads connected to battery pack, Voltage range and Max Power.

Additional information may be requested and required of applicant.

Mailing Instructions:

Completed application packages should be submitted to:

Turlock Irrigation District
Attention: Consumer Programs
P.O. Box 949
Turlock, CA 95381

Or Email to

For assistance completing this application, please call (209) 883-8415

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Rev 201705