Premier Shade Tree Program

TID is partnering with The Greenery, in Turlock, to assist our customers in reducing their energy costs (while creating a healthy environment) with our Premier Shade Tree Program.

Did you know deciduous trees provide additional shading to help keep a home cooler in the summer while allowing the sun’s warm rays help heat a home in the
winter? And did you know, properly planted deciduous trees can cut air conditioning costs by 15 to 30 percent, in addition to the face that trees help clean the air, provide oxygen and reduce pollution?

Between August 1st and September 6th TID customers can come into any of our offices to purchase a voucher for $20 and fill out our Premier Shade Tree  application. Participants then take the voucher and receipt to The Greenery on either Saturday, September 14th through Sunday, September 22nd to pick up their tree kit.

The tree kit will include:

  • a choice of 5 gallon tree: October Glory Maple or Keith Davies Pistache.
  • 1 cubic feet of planting mi.x
  • 4-pound bag of fertilizer.

To qualify, you must:

  • be a TID customer.
  • complete the Premier Shade Tree Application.
  • and trees must be planted within 15 feet of the home on either the East, West, or South side of the home.

Please contact or call (209) 883-8432 with any questions.

Shade Tree

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