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Dairy Design Assistance

Did you know we provide free dairy design technical assistance and education services to dairy owners located in our service territory? This complimentary service can help you identify ways to save money on your energy bills when designing or re-designing your dairy.

Let our energy efficiency experts help you with your project when building or re-designing your dairy. Working along side you and your design firm we can help you to take full advantage of all the energy savings opportunities available. Rebates are based on exceeding new construction requirements for standard building systems and exceeding industry standard practice baselines for process systems.

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Some of the recommendations we make may include such things as:

  • Variable Frequency Drives – Vacuum systems with variable frequency drives can save between 40 and 80 percent of the pumping costs of a standard system.
  •  Premium Efficiency Motors – Using premium efficiency motors on equipment with long operating hours can result not only in savings on energy consumption, they can offer reduced vibration and longer bearing life increasing reliability.
  • Fans – High efficiency or high volume/low speed ventilation fans can save up to 85 percent of the operating costs of standard models.
  • Lighting – Maximizing the effects of natural lighting coupled with high-efficiency fixtures and lighting controls can reduce your energy usage substantially.
  • Refrigeration Systems – Designing parallel systems, using over-sized condensers, high efficiency compressors, variable frequency drives and floating head pressure can result in savings on your energy bill.
  • Compressed Air Systems – Avoiding the use of compressed air where alternatives are possible is one consideration our experts will consider when evaluating your design. In addition, modulating compressors with on/off controls, staging compressors and minimizing system pressure could be indicated in your project.

Program Details

TID energy efficiency staff will collect project information and work with you and your design firm to identify energy efficiency enhancement opportunities. You will receive a report that contains the following:

  • Summary of recommended measures
  • Energy and demand savings
  • Energy cost savings
  • Incremental project cost
  • Potential TID rebate

This service is available free of charge to all dairy customers in the TID service area.

To participate call TID at (209) 883-8432 and request information on the Dairy Design Assistance Program.

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