Commercial Refrigeration Rebates

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep more of the profit you work so hard to earn? We offer several types of commercial refrigeration rebates to our customers replacing old equipment to help them increase their efficiency, save money on their energy bill and ultimately keep more of what they earn from their business.

Our Commercial Refrigeration Rebate helps offset the cost to purchase energy efficient equipment, and the investment continues to deliver energy savings over the life of the equipment.

Our Commercial Refrigeration Rebate Program includes rebates on the following items:

  • Strip Curtains
  • New Freezer Cases
  • New Refrigeration Cases
  • Special Doors with Low/No Anti-Sweat Heat on Low Temperature Display Cases
  • Anti-Sweat Heater Controls
  • Insulate Bare Suction Line
  • Air-to-Evaporative Cooled Condensers

Application Process:

  • Contact TID to confirm rebate eligibility, and a pre-inspection will be scheduled.
  • Upon pre-inspection approval by TID, the equipment may then be purchased and installed.
  • Notify TID when the project is completed and submit the following documentation:
    • The Commercial Refrigeration Rebate Form.
    • Itemized invoice(s) that are paid in full.
    • All manufacturer’s specification sheets.
  • TID will then schedule a post-inspection and once approved, the rebate will be paid.
Commercial Refrigeration Rebate Image

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