Commercial Lighting Rebate

The Commercial Lighting Rebate Program issues rebates for such efficiency measures as fixture retrofitting, fixture replacement, reduced wattage for T8 lamps, occupancy sensors and more.

Which is better, a dollar in sales or a dollar in savings? As a business owner you know that a dollar in sales doesn’t mean you keep the whole dollar. On the other hand, a dollar saved goes straight to your profit margin.

High efficiency lighting can make a positive impact on your bottom line by helping you control your energy costs. Whether your business operates from a warehouse, a retail storefront or an office complex, take advantage of our rebate program and enjoy the long-term benefits of converting to energy efficient lighting.

Lighting Equipment

High efficiency fluorescents are eligible for rebates of $0.08 per first year kilowatt-hour (kWh) saved and $0.10 per first year kWh saved on LEDs. Occupancy sensors must be infrared and/or ultrasonic detectors only. Wall switch and wall or ceiling mounted lighting sensors must be hard-wired and control interior fixtures. Click here to download the product requirements.

For more information or to apply for these rebates refer to the links below or call (209) 883-8432.


  • All proposed rebates must be pre-approved by TID prior to purchase and installation. Call TID at (209) 883-8432 to obtain approval.
  • Rebate applicants must complete and submit TID’s ‘Commercial Rebate Agreement’ form. Applicants must also submit all manufacturer’s specification sheets with their rebate agreement.
  • Applicants must schedule a pre-inspection.
  • Once the project is complete, applicants must submit paid itemized invoices pertaining to equipment installation.
  • Rebate will pay $0.08 per first year kilowatt-hour (kWh) saved on fluorescent.
  • Rebate will pay $0.10 per first year kWh saved on LED.
  • Rebate amount is limited to 50 percent of actual projected cost.
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  • All equipment must contain an energy savings element to qualify for a rebate.
  • All lamps must be rated greater than or equal to 20,000 hours lamp life based on three hours per start when operating on a Program Start Ballast.
  • T5 HO and T8 VHO lamps must have a Color Rendering Index that is equal or greater than 82.
  • All T8 lamps must be listed as a qualified High Performance T8 lamp.
  • LED fixtures must be listed as either Lighting Facts qualified or Design Lights Consortium (DLC) qualified.
  • LED Surface, Pendant and Recessed Downlight Fixtures must be listed as ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • Useful life period for hard-wired linear fluorescent/LED/induction fixtures is defined as 11 years.
  • Occupancy Sensors must be infrared and/or ultrasonic detectors only. Wall switch and wall or ceiling mounted lighting sensors must be hard-wired and control interior fixtures.
  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted Sensor must be self-contained wall switch lighting sensors (that are designed to replace a standard wall switch) and must not control more than 500 watts. Sensors must not control more than 1,000 watts.
  • Useful life for occupancy sensors is eight years.
  • Plug load sensors must control electricity using equipment in offices or cubicles including shared copiers and/or printers.

Your Power to Save

Save energy and money with TID’s energy efficiency tips and rebate programs. From light bulbs and appliances, to shade trees, sunscreens and commercial rebates, there’s sure to be a program to help you reduce your energy bill. Click here to learn more about how to save.


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