Is Solar Right for You?

TID’s Solar Calculator is an online tool that uses actual usage data from your meter and a map of your roof to estimate your solar savings potential and can help you determine if you could benefit from a rooftop solar system on your home.

Use the Solar Calculator to:
  • Estimate the potential energy generation from a system on your roof.
  • Determine the size system you might need.
  • Compare purchasing a system outright versus financing or leasing.
  • See if solar might be a good investment over the long-haul.
To Get Started

Simply log in to your TID account. The calculator will pull your usage data and information will be shown in a side-by-side comparison of the various options.

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Family having solar panels installed

 The Solar Calculator uses actual usage data from your meter and, a map of your roof to estimate your solar savings potential. Because the calculator uses the information from your meter, you must log into your TID account or, create one for the calculator to work. This calculator is currently only available for residential customers where LIDAR and 12-months of historical hourly usage data is available.

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