Application For Interconnection – Self Generation Facilities

Complete the Application for Interconnection Form below by entering the required information about your self-generation facility.

To complete the application online, you will need the following documents in digital form (scanned copies are acceptable – PDF files preferred) –

  • Site drawing to scale, showing generator location and point of interconnection with TID
  • Diagram showing switches/disconnects of the proposed interconnection including the required protection devices and breakers
  • Description of operation and elementary drawings, showing the synchronization (if appropriate), and tripping of breakers by the required relays
  • A list of relays, switches and disconnects

Note, maximum file size for all attachments combined is limited to 64 megabytes.

If you are unable to complete all the required fields necessary to submit your application, our system will allow you to save your work and return later to complete it. Maximum storage time for your work in-progress is 30 days.

Click here to view the application package overview and instructions

Download a printable version of the Application for Interconnection

Application for Interconnection