Supplier Information Form

Suppliers who are interested in bidding on and/or supplying products or services to the District should fill out this form as completely as possible and click the submit button at the bottom. When we receive your completed application, we’ll contact you to finalize it and provide instructions for uploading the required financial and tax related documents.

To check on your application or, if you have not been contacted with instructions for uploading your financial or tax documents after a reasonable amount of time, please contact the Purchasing Department at:

Once your application is complete and all necessary tax and financial documents have been provided, you will be placed into our system. Once you’re in our vendor system you may then be contacted when your particular product or service is required. This Supplier Information Form will remain active for a period of three years. Supplier is responsible for resubmitting.

Completion/submission of this form does not imply nor guarantee work with the District.

You may also click here to print the Supplier Information Form and submit it via postal mail or fax.