Canal Rehabilitation Project

Beginning November 1, 2018 we will be performing rehabilitation work on the canal located in the median of Canal Drive between Daubenberger and E. Main St. in Turlock.

Lateral 4 Project Map

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Project Work Zone Map and Proposed Construction Schedule

*Proposed dates and times of work schedule are subject to change.

The work will include repairing the concrete lining of the canal as well as improving other structural components of the canal.

During this project, it will be necessary to close the Joe Gallison Pathway (pedestrian walkway) on the south side of the canal, and to intermittently reduce Canal Drive to one lane in each direction.

As a result of this lane reduction, traffic may be more congested than usual during the hours of school drop-off and pick-up, so please allow for additional time. Safe-T-Lite traffic controllers will be on-site, helping to guide a safe, smooth flow of traffic.

TID will complete the work on the section of canal in front of Julien Elementary, Turlock High and the School District Offices during the school district’s Thanksgiving Break, November 17 through November 25. The project is expected to be completed in full by December 7, 2018.

If you have questions or concerns about this project, please contact TID at 209-883-8222. For detailed information including project updates, visit or follow us on Twitter @TurlockID.

For up-to-date traffic impacts in the project area, download and install the Waze App to your smart phone or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canal Rehabilitation

We are resurfacing the concrete lining of the canal (lateral) that runs through the median of Canal Drive. The work will include resurfacing the concrete lining of the canal as well as improving other structural components of the lateral.

Over time, running water through the canal wears away the surface of the concrete lining causing it to crack, break and buckle. The damage to the lining causes water to leak into the surrounding ground, which can lead to settlement issues in and around the canal as well as problems with surrounding plant life. The damage to the lining also increases both aquatic and non-aquatic weed growth, which can reduce the canal’s capacity to move water, and increases maintenance costs. Given the difficult access to this particular canal, as well as the sensitivity of the surrounding area, it is prudent to rehabilitate this canal.

The District rehabilitates canals on an as-needed basis and conducts inspections each year to determine needs. On average, canal lining has been shown to last around 50 years between resurfacing projects.

The resurfacing project will extend along Upper Lateral 4, which divides the two sides of Canal Drive in Turlock, from Daubenberger Road to East Main Street, where the canal enters an underground pipeline.

Work will begin on November 1st, 2018 and continue until December 7th, 2018. Crews will start work each day Monday through Sunday at 7:00 am and finish at 7:00 pm. These dates and times are subject to change based on weather and equipment availability. All work in front of Julien Elementary, Turlock High School and the TUSD offices will be done during the Thanksgiving holiday break.

Up to four crews will be working at any one time in an effort to reduce the number of active work days on the project and the impact to the neighborhood.  Crews will work twelve-hour days and Saturdays and Sundays, as well.  Work will end by 7pm each day as to reduce the impact of construction noise on residents.  As much as possible, TID will strategically avoid lane closures in front of the schools while school is in session.

There is a higher chance of inclement weather the further into winter we conduct the work. Wind or rain would cause work to shut down, resulting in significant delays in the completion of the project.  Using the week that schools are not in session for the Thanksgiving holiday allows us to minimize the impact on the community and provides greater confidence that the project will reach completion on schedule.

The resurfacing process begins with wire brushing the sides of the canal using an excavator-mounted brush. This can generate small amounts of localized dust that should remain mostly confined to the project site. The canal is then pressure washed with clean water to remove debris. The jets are directed down into the canal from above and debris is cleaned out from the bottom with a small bulldozer. This can sometimes generate clouds of misty water vapor during windy days. Sections of canal that are too damaged to be resurfaced are repaired by removing the damaged area down to dirt and re-pouring new concrete lining in the empty space. Finally, a crew sprays up to 2 inches of Gunite over the surface of the lining.

Gunite is a mixture of cement, water, air, and plastic fibers that are mixed at the end of a hose at high pressure and sprayed onto an existing surface. The process generates low clouds of concrete dust, known as overspray, which can cling to, and dry on, surrounding surfaces. The District uses large plastic screens to block this overspray and covers any nearby structures such as light posts or benches with plastic wrapping to prevent the dust from settling on the surfaces and changing their appearance. This dust is hazardous to breathe in large quantities and District crews wear protective breathing gear. Unless there is a high amount of wind, the dust does not travel more than 10-20 feet before settling to the ground. For this and other reasons, the District does not spray during high wind events. This dust can be easily washed off with clean water, if washed immediately after exposure. If left to harden, the cement can still be removed from vehicles using a special solvent available to many car-detailing shops. It is best to avoid leaving any vehicle parked near a Gunite project, and residents near the project area are encouraged not to park along Canal Drive while crews are at work. 

The District will be using excavators, pumper trucks, small skid steers, large vehicle mounted compressors, man lifts, water trucks, and concrete trucks. These vehicles will be operating from the existing pedestrian walk path and the roads adjacent to the canal. They will periodically enter the pedestrian walk path at the road intersections, requiring brief (5 minute) suspension of traffic across the intersection as the work vehicles enter and leave the job site. It will still be possible to detour around these activities using Canal Drive. The weight of this equipment on the pedestrian bike path may produce cracks or other damage to the walkway. The District will work with the City of Turlock to ensure any damage from the work is properly and quickly repaired.

The District will be closing the east bound and west bound travel lanes closest to Upper Lateral 4 (the canal) on Canal Drive. One lane each direction will remain open on Canal Drive. These lane closures will only be in place on sections where work is currently ongoing. There will be no lane closures in front of the schools until Thanksgiving Break. The District will be closing the Joe Gallison Pathway from Daubenberger to East Main Street and fencing on the south side of the site for the duration of the project. Road crossings across Canal Drive will remain open except for short closures as work occurs near the cross street and to allow equipment to move from one block to the next. Traffic may be more congested than usual during the hours of school drop-off and pick-up, so please allow for additional time.  Safe-T-Lite traffic controllers will be on-site, helping to guide a safe, smooth flow of traffic.

Besides the lane closures on Canal Drive, residents are advised not to park their cars on either the north or south sides of Canal Drive while crews are actively spraying Gunite.  Though precautions will be taken to cover structures on the canal banks and contain overspray, a gust of wind could carry overspray outside the immediate project area.  Typically, the spraying of Gunite should require no more than one day in any ½ block area, so impacts to residents should be minimal.

The District is installing construction fencing around the southern side of the project, which contains the existing pedestrian walk path. There will be signs informing pedestrians and residents about the construction ahead. The District is closing the vehicular travel lanes closest to the canal during work and posting security at the site during off hours.

Members of the public should not walk on the Joe Gallison Pathway along the canal as long as it remains closed and instead use the city sidewalk on the south side of the roadway. Safety fencing is being removed along the canal during construction. Members of the public should remain outside of the temporary construction fencing for the duration of the project, even when crews are not working. Homeowners near the project site should minimize the amount of time their children or pets spend outside during regular construction hours.

Other methods, such as re-pouring the concrete lining, were examined and found to be equally invasive and required greater resources and a longer project timeline. The method the District will employ allows for the shortest construction time while still safely and thoroughly accomplishing the goals of the project.

The sidewalk on the south side of Canal Drive will remain open and away from construction. You can also visit the City of Turlock Parks and Recreation webpage to find a park near you. Many offer excellent walking paths and security lighting.

TID has distributed information about the project to residents and businesses. Postcards were sent to residents in the neighborhood surrounding the project site and posters were provided to the businesses in the area, as well as postcards provided to the employees.

Flyers were sent home with students of Julien Elementary, Turlock High School and Turlock Adult School. The District has been in communication with the Turlock Journal to disseminate information community-wide.

TID will continue to keep the community informed on the progress of the project on our social media channels using the hashtag #Lateral4 

Real-time traffic information is available by using the WAZE app available  by clicking here.

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