Domestic Water Project

The possibility of serving drinking water to local communities has been discussed off and on for nearly three decades, and has taken on several iterations.

At its regular meeting on July 28, 2015, the TID Board of Directors approved the final negotiated Water Sales Agreement for the transfer of surface water to the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority (SRWA).

TID has always believed that the proposed domestic water project is beneficial to the area and will help to improve the local groundwater basin. TID is committed to working with SRWA on the project while recognizing the need to minimize the impact to existing irrigation customers.

Multi-faceted Objectives to Multiple Water Interests

The objectives of the project are to meet the existing and projected demands of cities while reducing their reliance on groundwater avoiding the need to develop new wells and well head treatments to combat the declining quality of the groundwater supply. In addition, the project will help to better manage water resources and provide a sustainable supply for both agricultural and urban users as well as benefit Tuolumne River fish and other aquatic resources.

How It Would Work

Water for the treatment plant would be released as needed from Don Pedro Reservoir, flowing down the river to the infiltration gallery pipe system in the bed of the river, where it would be collected and pumped to the plant for treatment. Treated water would then be conveyed via new pipelines to the communities of Turlock, Ceres, and South Modesto which currently rely on groundwater supplies exclusively for their drinking water needs.

Environmental Benefits

Delivering the project water down 25 miles of the river would allow that water to pass through critical spawning and rearing reaches of the river before being diverted for consumptive use. In this manner, water used for urban supplies would also provide significant environmental benefits to Chinook salmon and other fish that live in the Tuolumne River.

Equally important to the area in improving the Turlock Groundwater Subbasin is the utilization of recycled water locally. It is TID’s belief that any “new” water resources, such as recycled water, best serve the region’s water needs when put to beneficial use within the Turlock Subbasin.

Infiltration galleries for the Domestic Water Project

During a project to improve the river, we installed pipes known as “Infiltration Galleries” for the future drinking water project.

Domestic Water Project infiltration galleries installed

Connections to the galleries were sealed for later use.

Domestic Water Project infiltration galleries installed and river restoration complete

The completed restoration project with galleries installed.

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