Energy Efficiency Rebates

Customers in our service area can take advantage of TID's Energy Efficiency rebates, which include incentives for ENERGY STAR® appliances.

TID is pleased to offer rebates for the following:

  • Room Air Conditioner Rebate
    Receive a $50 rebate when you replace your old existing room air conditioner with a new ENERGY STAR® qualified room air conditioner.
  • Refrigerator Rebate
    Receive a $35 rebate when you replace your existing refrigerator with a new ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerator.
  • Clothes Washer Rebate
    Receive a $35 rebate when you purchase a new ENERGY STAR® qualified clothes washer.
  • Sun Screen Rebate
    Receive a $1 per square foot rebate when you cover your windows with heavy-duty, vinyl-coated shade screens that block at least 80 percent of the sun's heat.
  • Whole House Fan Rebate
    Out with the hot air and in with the cool! Purchase and install a whole-house fan and receive a $75 rebate from TID.
  • Solar Attic Fan Rebate
    A cooler air temperature in the attic means a reduced amount of air conditioning is needed to keep the house cool. Receive a $100 rebate for purchasing and installing a new solar attic fan.
  • Radiant Barrier Rebate
    Radiant barriers reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss, which helps lower heating and cooling costs. Customers who install radiant barriers can receive a TID rebate for $0.10 per square foot of attic space.
  • Shade Tree Rebate
    Receive a rebate of up to $20 per tree when you plant new shade trees to help cool your house in the summer.
  • Living Green Residential New Construction rebate
    TID is offering a $500 rebate to homebuilders who go above and beyond code when incorporating energy efficiency measures into new residential construction.

Learn more about TID's Energy Efficiency Rebate Program:

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