High River Flow Power Outages

Due to increased releases from Don Pedro and out of concern for the safety of residents in the areas affected by rising river levels, TID temporarily disconnected power to the homes and businesses in the affected area. Now that the spillway gate has been closed, river levels will begin to recede. Once it's safe to do so, TID will restore power to customers affected by this outage.

Here's some information on how the power restoration process will occur.

How will TID decide which properties can be turned back on?

TID troubleshooters are continually patrolling the de-energized areas and assessing for possible electrical damage up to and including service addresses' electric meters.

Affected customers can also call TID at (209) 883-8300 to request that a TID troubleshooter assess their service. 

Turning your power back on

Safety is our number one priority and power will be restored only when it's safe to do so.

Upon TID assessment, if no water damages to electrical meter/electrical panel are found and the TID Troubleshooter has deemed it safe to restore power, the Troubleshooter will work to re-energize the service.

If there is water damage to electrical meter/electrical panel, the TID Troubleshooter will advise the customer to contact their appropriate jurisdiction for inspection. This could be either from the city, county or state.

After the service passes inspection, customers can call TID at (209) 883-8300 to be energized.

Please note that even after an approved inspection if unsafe conditions are present TID may decline to energize the service. TID will communicate with the customer the necessary steps to take to energize the service.    

Tips for TID customers

While you await power to be restored, try to turn off all lights, switches, and surge protectors to the off positions, with the exception of one light, so that you will better avoid electrical overload and still know when power is re-energized.

Before your power is re-energized, safely turn off or disconnect appliances and other equipment in case of a momentary power “surge” that can damage computers and other devices. Consider adding surge protectors.

We understand the hardship of being without power but, we ask for your patience during the re-energization process. Restoring power is a much slower process than disconnecting it as ensuring customer safety takes a greater level of care and caution. Safety is the first word in our mission statement and that’s not by accident. Safety is our first priority.   

My power has been out for a while, is it safe to eat the food in my refrigerator?

Click the link below for the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service guidelines https://www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/portal/fsis/topics/food-safety-education/g... 

Will my homeowners insurance cover lost food in my fridge or freezer?

 Homeowners insurance policies vary in the protection offered but, oftentimes lost food expenses are reimburseable if they’re a result of a covered loss to your home (frequently referred to as perils). In addition, some insurer’s policies may cover food that spoils even if your home is the only one without power while others only cover you if the entire neighborhood is without power. Contact your individual homeowner or renter’s insurance company or agent to see if you’re covered.    

Where can I get more information about the river flows?

The most current information on river flows and projected releases, weather forecasts and more can be found at http://www.tid.com/flows

Information on outages can be found at http://www.tid.org/outages.   

Contact Info

TID Customer Service (during normal business hours) 209-883-8222

24 Hour Emergency Line 209-883-8300

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