Solar Rebate Program

The TID Solar Electric Rebate Program provides incentives for TID electric service customers for both new and existing structures. For all projects, energy efficiency, the expected performance of the system, as well as the design and installation of the system, will determine the incentive amount.

TID Solar Electric Rebate Program – Current Status 10/20/2014
Customer Class Current Step Initial KW in Step Unused KW from Previous Step Revised Total kW in Step kW Reserved kW Remaining in Step
Residential 8 1050 45.34 1095.34 719.37 375.97
Non-Residential The Non-Residential Solar Rebate Program is fully subscribed. Applications received will be placed on a waitlist and will only be eligible for a rebate if a pending project is cancelled.

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Net Metering:

The law requires every electric utility to develop a standard contract or tariff providing for net energy metering, and shall make this standard contract or tariff available to eligible customer-generators, upon request, on a first-come-first served basis until the time that the total rated generating capacity used by eligible customer-generators exceeds 5 percent of the electric utility's aggregate customer peak demand.

5% Net Metering Cap set at 27.81 MW
As of October 24, 2014, TID is in receipt of 25.12 MW of eligible customer generator capacity.

Current Compensation Rate - $0.0711/kWh

Surplus Electricity Compensation Request (pdf)

Aggregated Net Metering

Aggregated net metering allows customers to aggregate the load of meters located on the property where the renewable electrical generation facility is located as well as on all properties adjacent or contiguous to the property on which the renewable electric generation facility is located.

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