Dairy Design Assistance Program

Save energy and money with TID's Dairy Design Assistance Program. TID will provide technical design assistance and education to support the design and construction of energy efficient facilities and process systems. Rebates are based on exceeding new construction requirements for standard building systems and exceeding industry standard practice baselines for process systems.

Program Details

TID energy efficiency staff will collect project information and work with you and your design firm to identify energy efficiency enhancement opportunities. You will receive a report that contains the following:

  • Summary of recommended measures
  • Energy and demand savings
  • Energy cost savings
  • Incremental project cost
  • Potential TID rebate

This service is available free of charge to all dairy customers in the TID service area. 

For more information on the Dairy Design Assistance Program, click here.

To participate call TID at (209) 883-8432 and request information on the Dairy Design Assistance Program.