River Restoration

TID holds some of the oldest water rights on the Tuolumne River. We are proud of this legacy, and work continuously to improve our environmental leadership in this area. We have a great track record of caring for natural resources - including how we operate the water system, carry out everyday business practices, and decide about future water supply alternatives. As a public agency, we go beyond meeting the needs of today and strive to fulfill our promises without compromising the needs of future generations.

Since 1981, TID has been the leading partner in conducting extensive investigations in and along the Tuolumne River to better understand Chinook salmon ecology and the factors affecting salmon production. TID has employed a biologist and biologist consultants to closely monitor the river's fishery and riparian habitat and provide critical data used by TID to ensure that flows meet the instream requirements to sustain a healthy river environment for salmon and other species below the La Grange Dam.

For more information regarding the Tuolumne River, visit the Tuolumne River Technical Advisory Committee (TRTAC) website. This committee is a technical forum established to coordinate activities and improve conditions on the lower Tuolumne River.