Renewable Energy

TID has a proven history of environmental stewardship by securing renewable energy through innovative strategies which strengthens its long term commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

TID owns and operates a diverse portfolio of several renewable energy projects, providing our customers with clean, green energy from several energy sources including solar, hydroelectric and wind. TID will continue to seek additional, appropriate ways to keep the communities it serves green.

Tuolumne Wind Project
TID invested in a 136.6 megawatt wind facility in 2008 which is located in Klickitat County, Washington. Learn more.

Small Hydroelectric
In 1979, TID began constructing the first of eight small-scale hydroelectric power plants on its canal system as well as surrounding irrigation districts' canals.

TID installed a 70.7 kilowatt array of photovoltaic panels atop the newly renovated parking structure. The solar array is expected to generate 132,460 kilowatt-hours a year. Click here to see what the unit is generating today.

BGreen Program
Learn how you can be 100 percent green in your home. Read about TID's BGreen Program.