Home Energy Analysis

Because there are several factors that affect energy use, TID wants to provide residential customers with accurate usage information and comparisons, all in the hope of equipping customers to use energy wisely, curb consumption, and save money on their monthly residential electric bills. Just click the button or link below to get started.

While the TID residential electric service bill presents some information about a home’s current and historical energy usage trends, the best place for TID residential electric customers to obtain information about their home's energy usage is to visit TID's Home Energy Analysis Portal. There, after you have provided some basic information about your TID account and your home, you will be able to:

  • View historical month-by-month comparisons of your home's energy usage and set conservation goals.
  • Conduct a personalized Home Energy Analysis that will help you identify savings opportunities in your home.
  • Use appliance calculators to estimate how much energy certain appliances (heating, cooling, lighting, kitchen, electronics and more) use monthly and annually.
  • Learn about energy saving tips and create an energy savings checklist.
  • Challenge your friends or family to see who can best conserve energy, and track your progress.
  • Learn about a mobile phone app that allows users to compare their usage while on the go.

More details about the functionality of the Home Energy Analysis Portal are located on the portal site. Should you have any questions about the site, or if you are interested in ways to save energy, please e-mail us at conservation@tid.org.