TID Documentary Film

TID has produced an award-winning documentary film titled, The Irrigationist: The Story of the Turlock Irrigation District, which will serve as an educational tool to inform people of all ages about the District's rich history. The entire film can be viewed online at www.vimeo.com/turlockid/irrigationist.

While many people already know about TID’s storied past of providing irrigation water and power to the people of the region, others do not. This is one reason why TID hosted community screenings in February 2012 of the film. More than 1,100 people came to Turlock Community Theatre to view a screening of the film, which highlights TID’s history and talks about what the region was like prior to TID’s formation in 1887.

Multiple awards

The film has already garnered quite a bit of attention, as it has earned more than 40 film awards, including taking prestigious honors at:

  • The Accolade Awards
  • The American International Film Festival
  • The Black Hills International Film Festival
  • The Breckenridge Festival of Film
  • The Sunset International Film Festival
  • The Telly Awards
  • The Vegas Cine Festival

Copies of the film can be purchased by visiting TID Customer Service Locations in Turlock, Ceres or Patterson. DVDs cost $5 each and Blu-rays cost $15 each. There is no profit. Please read the FAQs below for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions about the TID documentary film

When do sales begin? How long will sales last?

Sales began March 1, 2012 and will likely run until TID runs out of its limited supply. Once the supply is gone, TID will gauge customer interest to see if a re-order of discs is prudent.

Is there a limit to how many discs I can purchase?

So that others have ample opportunity to buy a DVD or Blu-ray, we ask that no more than five copies of the film are sold to each interested person.

Was this film shown in a theatre?

Yes. Customer showings of the film were screened the weekend of Feb. 25, 2012 at Turlock Community Theatre. More than 1,000 TID customers were able to see the film. Tickets were complimentary.

How long is the film?

The film’s duration is 62 minutes, which includes closing credits.

Why was this film produced?

The film was produced to serve as a long-lasting educational tool that will inform people of all ages about the District’s rich history. Additionally, the District feels that the film is a way to involve the community and its customers in celebration of the District’s 125th Anniversary, which occurs June 6, 2012.

What’s the film about?

The film is a historical documentary about TID. Some specific thematic elements of the film include the innovative efforts of TID’s forefathers, the desire to control one’s own destiny and the dream of irrigation being realized.

Is the film viewable online?

Yes. The full-length film can be viewed at www.vimeo.com/turlockid/irrigationist.