Self-Generation (SG) Rate Schedule

TID provides the SG rate schedule for customers who choose to operate a privately-owned source of generation within and parallel to the TID system. This schedule provides for Standby Service, Purchase Service, and Transmission Service as needed for the customer-generator. The services provided depend on the generating facility and customer needs.

Customers who choose to sell power to TID may receive the compensation provided under the SG rate schedule, or alternatively, may negotiate a separate mutually beneficial power supply agreement with TID.

Feed-In-Tariff (FIT)

Customers wishing to supply power to TID under Section 387.6 of the Public Utilities Code may do so under the SG rate.  Compensation for energy, environmental attributes, and value of peak capacity are represented in the SG rate.  Compensation for benefits related to transmission and distribution systems will be determined on an individual basis, depending on the generating facility.

                TID share of state mandated capacity – 6 MW
                TID current customer capacity online – 0 MW
                Remaining Section 387.6 capacity – 6 MW


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